How You Can Help

  1. Join us!
  2. Get on our mailing list
  3. Forward this website
  4. Talk to your friends, family, co-workers
  5. Volunteer
  6. Join the FFLF steering committee
  7. Attend key city meetings
  8. Attend key FFLF public meetings
  9. Park once and walk while on errands
  10. Walk, bike, use transit
  11. Have your house declared a significant historic property
  12. Donate a conservation easement to protect your house
  13. Organize your neighborhood into a preservation or rural overlay zone
  14. Let us know about new projects and problems you see

Volunteer coordinator needed
The FLFF is looking for someone who can attend weekly meetings, take notes on the duties of each committee member, and reach out to each member via phone or email to ensure that everyone is doing their part.
They need to have the following skills: Google Drive, E-Mails, people skills
It is a great opportunity to build leadership skills and include this information on one's resume. It is 1 - 2 hours per week.
This is a non-paid position.
For more information, phone or text us:  714.729.3019 or email

You can make a difference!
Community participation was key in preventing these projects:
  • Housing at Bastanchury Creek Greenbelt / “Bastanchury Tree Farm”
  • Amerige Court
  • Flour Mill on Malvern
  • Carhart / Pico Overdevelopment
  • Highland Widening
  • Downtown Core and Corridors Specific Plan
  • Conversion of all Industrial Zoning to Housing
  • Sale of the Hunt Branch Library to private entities

...and saved these buildings from the wrecking ball:
  • Fullerton High School Auditorium (formerly Plummer)
  • Union Pacific Train Station
  • Masonic Temple (Spring Field)
  • George C. Clark House (at the Arboretum)
  • Cusick House
  • Rutabegorz Restaurant
  • Fox Fullerton Theatre
  • Firestone Building
  • O. S. Compton House across from Fullerton College