Save Fullerton's Heritage Trees


The mission of Friends for a Livable Fullerton’s Heritage Trees Committee is to advocate for the enjoyment and preservation of Fullerton’s unique and special public and private trees.

Project # 1 - Save Fullerton's 10 Most Threatened Trees

Fullerton loves trees, but many are in danger, whether due to threats of removal or damage from over-pruning, soil compaction, water damage, or pests and disease.  

The Heritage Trees Committee (HTC) is focusing on Fullerton's 10 most threatened trees to protect them from harm. 

You can also submit trees to be considered for this list.

(If you want to recognize trees that aren’t in immediate danger, just submit them to our Heritage Trees Inventory in the form below these photos.)

Fullerton’s 10 Most Threatened Trees -- Help us remove trees from this list! :

Coast Live Oak

Fullerton High School

Cork Oak

Fullerton High School

Coast Live Oak

Hillcrest Park

California Black Walnut

Hillcrest Park

Italian Cypress

Fullerton City Hall, corner of
Commonwealth and Highland

3 Jacarandas

Hunt Branch Library

Sycamores and Oaks

Hiltscher Trail and
Coyote Hills Tree Park

Coast Live Oak

400 block E. Chapman Ave across from Fullerton College

Original Orange Tree Rootstock

  Richman Park


Richman Park

Project 2: Nominations to our Heritage Trees Inventory 

(Similar to the City of Fullerton's tree landmarks list)

Do you have a favorite Fullerton tree?  Do you want to make sure that this special tree is respected, protected, and preserved as part of what makes Fullerton a livable city? Friends for a Livable Fullerton is currently taking nominations for Fullerton’s special trees as a first step in preserving and protecting these treasures. 

Nominations can be for a single tree or a grouping and can be on public or private land.

Here are some ideas on what might make a tree special:

  • Height
  • Trunk size
  • Age
  • Rarity
  • Function
  • Associated with a famous person
  • Associated with an historic event or location unique in some other way!

We are counting on you to let us know about every special tree in all of the hidden corners in our city!

Tree Nomination Form

Project 3:  Encouraging Proper Tree Care

The Heritage Trees Committee of Fullerton encourages the public to voice their concerns regarding the City's proposed Community Forest Master Plan (CFMP) that replaces their 1998 Master Plan.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to improve Fullerton’s tree care:

Tuesday April 18, 5:30pm (Item 21 - last item on agenda) 

In person: City Hall: 303 West Commonwealth Avenue

Zoom ID: 978 4219 1797 by phone: 1-669-900-9128 or web:

Write or call Mayor and Councilmembers: (714)  738‑6311

Heritage Trees Committee: CFMP Position Paper 2023

Fullerton Tree Information Resources

City of Fullerton Documents            
City of Fullerton Master Street Tree Plan
City of Fullerton Approved Tree Species
City of Fullerton Landmarks
City of Fullerton Information on Donating a Memorial Tree: Individuals may donate a memorial tree for placement in a Fullerton City park
City of Fullerton General Plan - Resource Management (coming soon)
City of Fullerton’s Tree City USA Designation    

Fullerton's 10 Tree "Jurisdictions / Entities"
City of Fullerton:
     Street trees, municipal parks, city buildings, new development landscaping and parking lot guidelines, landmark trees, local and      federally designated historic landmarks, municipal ordinances and plans
      Brea Dam, Fullerton Dam, post offices, federal buildings, some creeks and streams, Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA)
County of Orange:
     County parks, county buildings, county land "pockets", some flood control channels
State of California: state buildings, California Environmental Quality Act
Cal State Fullerton:
      Campus, Fullerton Arboretum, and off-site facilities
Fullerton College / North Orange County Community College District (NOCCCD):
     Community college campus, district offices and off-site facilities
Fullerton Joint Union High School District (FJUHSD):
     High school campuses and district offices, some creeks, streams, and flood control channels
Fullerton School District (FSD):
     Elementary school  campuses and district offices
Special Districts and Public Utilities:
     Southern California Edison, AT&T
     We can't mandate, but we can encourage and offer help to people and businesses who want to protect their trees and take care of them the right way. Often they've been searching for right resources and are happy to know what the best practices are 

State Law
CIV 3346   State Civil Code 3346

Trees and Nesting Bird Protection
Migratory Bird Treaty Act  of 1918 (link coming soon)

City Resources
City of Fullerton Parks and Rec                                  (714) 738-6575   
City of Fullerton Public Works                                    (714) 738-6845   
City of Fullerton Tree Trimming / Maintenance     (714) 738-6897

Accounts of Historic Trees in Fullerton
The Trees of Fullerton - 1973, Courtesy Fullerton Public Library's Local History Room
Some Interesting Trees in Fullerton - 1971 Booklet, p. 2, p. 3, p. 4, p. 5, Courtesy Fullerton Public Library's Local History Room

Community Groups     
Heritage Trees Committee                     714-729-3019
Friends of Fullerton’s Urban Forest                          
Fullerton Heritage                                     714-740-3051
The Harvest Club of Orange County Food Access Coalition (657) 234-0066 (May be closed temporarily due to Covid)

How You Can Help
Sign Up for Our Updates
Sign up to Help Us Save Our 10 Most Threatened Trees (above)
Nominate your Favorite Trees for our Heritage Tree List (above)
Volunteer to Help Create New Tree Protection Resources
Spread the Word to Never Top a Tree!  (below)

Why topping is not an acceptable pruning technique / What are recommended alternatives?
Why Topping Hurts Trees
International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Tree Care Topics: Tree Owner Information

These tree services companies are reputable and won't top trees:
(Friends for a Livable Fullerton / Heritage Trees Committee are not responsible for work performed by any business)
Jeff Buchanan Tree Service   714-738-4652
Vargas Tree Service                   714-630-5337
Peterson’s Tree Works       714-771-4243 
Specialized Tree Works                   714-649-4469     Shaun or Steve Peterson  
Sims Tree Health Specialists                                           951-685-6662     Tree health, safety, and disease prevention
Arborgate Consulting Inc.                  714-731-6240      Greg Applegate, Consulting Arborist and Appraiser
Derek Simpson, Attorney                                                                                    951-787-9788,     213-293-9401
litigation regarding neighbor-neighbor tree conflicts, tree-pruning standards, trees wrongfully cut down